2017 Pre-Retirement Workshop Videos Available Online

The IBEW Local 103, Electrical Construction Trust Funds office is pleased to announce that the 2017 Pre-Retirement Workshop videos and presentations are now available on our website: https://www.trustfunds103.com/2017-pre-retirement-workshop-presentations/

The Pre-Retirement Workshop, attended by more than 200 Local 103 members and their spouses, featured sessions covering virtually all aspects of pre-retirement planning. A list of all topics covered at the Pre-Retirement Workshop is shown below. Each topic has a live link to its own video and a copy of the presentation where applicable.

Social Security Benefits – A Foundation for Planning for the Future
An overview of Social Security with important facts you need to know: How do you qualify for benefits? When to start taking benefits? Plus, Medicare information and more.
Presented by: Charles Schaenman, Project Manager, Social Security Administration

Pension Plan Benefits – Electrical Workers Pension Fund, Local 103, I.B.E.W.
An overview of what you should know about your Pension Plan benefits: When you start receiving them; how to calculate the amount you’ll receive; and much more!
Presented by: Hal Tepfer, Fellow Society of Actuaries, Member American Academy of Actuaries

Local 103 Deferred Income Fund Benefits
What you need to know about taking Deferred Income Fund distributions, beneficiaries, receiving installments, and taking out loans.
Presented by: Michael Donovan, Chief Financial Officer, CEBS, Electrical Construction Trust Funds, Local 103, IBEW

Local 103 Health Benefit Plan
An overview of the plan, plus how members and widows qualify for retiree benefits, Health Plan benefits for retirees who retire before age 65, current premiums, and an overview of Medicare at age 65.
Presented by: Michael Donovan, Chief Financial Officer, CEBS, Electrical Construction Trust Funds, Local 103, IBEW

Legal Issues When Approaching Retirement
An overview of Financial and Health Issues, including Estate Planning, Tax Avoidance, Health Care Proxies and Living Wills, and Income and Financial Planning.
Presented by: Michael D. Joyce, ESQ, CEBS, Sr. Vice President, Segal Marco Advisors

Tax Issues After Retirement
An overview of important tax considerations, retirement income, Massachusetts State Taxes, and retirement planning.
Presented by: Edward C. Manzi, CPA, MST, Manzi & Associates; formerly IRS Agent and Auditor, US Department of Defense