Consolidated Plan Document and Summary Plan Description

The Trustees have made several modifications to the plan over the last few years in order to maintain compliance with the Affordable Care Act and to provide best-in-class benefits to all Participants. The process of amending the previous document, issued in 2009, had become cumbersome and difficult for Participants to follow, so the SPD (green book) is a complete restatement replacing all prior documents. It includes all benefits in effect as of December 1, 2016. Additionally, the Trustees have contracted with Delta Dental in order to utilize their provider networks. This change went into effect January 1, 2017, and the information is included in the SPD under Section VI, page 77 as well as Appendix Schedule E, page A8.

How Can I get a Copy of the New SPD?

  1. You may view or download  the full version of the SPD by clicking on the green book above.
  2. You may also obtain a copy of this book by contacting the Trust Funds Office at (617) 288-5999
  3. You may stop into the Fund Office and pick up a copy.