Deferred Income

Participants can withdraw from the Deferred Income Plan under the following circumstances:

  • Unemployed members can withdraw funds after 3 consecutive months of no contributions.
  • Participants that are granted a Social Security Disability Award and are on the Lay Off List. The member will need to provide a copy of the Social Security Disability Award.
  • Participants that are no longer actively working and who have commenced early retirement (age 55)
  • Participants that are no longer actively working and who have commenced retirement (Age 58+)

A participant will need to have established a balance in the Deferred Income Plan for a minimum of 3 years to take a loan. The available loan amount will be determined by the Trust Funds at the date of application. The maximum loan amount is generally the lesser of 50% of employer contributions or $50,000.

Participants are able to take a loan under the following circumstances:

  • Temporary illness of the participant or immediate family member
  • Reconstruction of a home
  • Purchase of a primary residence
  • Unemployment
  • Secondary education for the participant or immediate family member

The Trust Funds Office offers notarization at no cost. Alternatively notaries can often be found at banks, law offices and other financial institutions.


You need to fill out an enrollment Form updating the entire family that is on the Plan, along with a Record of Birth from the Hospital for the new born. Additionally, within 30 days you must submit the Birth Certificate & copy of the Social Security Card.

To participate in Local 103’s Health Benefit Plan, members must contact the Eligibility Department and meet the requirements listed below. In addition, participants will need to provide proper documentation listed below:

    1. 30 days worked with 144 hours in a single calendar month for initial eligibility
    2. Maintain 144 hours or contributions every month after becoming eligible.
    3. For initial enrollment, or to add dependents in the future, the following will be needed, for individuals enrolling in the plan, as applicable:
      1. Birth Certificate(s)
      2. Social Security Card(s)
      3. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
      4. Adoption Certificates (if applicable)
      5. If Member or Spouse carries any alternative insurance (Medical, Dental, Rx or Vision) you must notify the Trust Funds Office immediately.

Participants must first sign the Lay Off list. If you have under 48 worked months you are eligible to be covered for 12 months of Lay Off Carry Time after 6 months of eligibility. If the participant exceeds 12 Lay Off months, they will be given the option to self-pay or will lose their health insurance/effective date. If a member re-enrolls in the Health Benefit plan, after being terminated, they will be eligible for an additional 12 months of Lay Off Carry Time. A lifetime maximum of 36 months of lay off coverage is available under these circumstances.

Participants must first sign the Lay Off list. If you have over 48 worked months and comply with all referral rules, you will be covered by the Local 103 Health Benefit Plan indefinitely.

Participants will receive a bill if they do not meet the 144 hour’s monthly contribution requirement. To maintain coverage, participants are billed the current contribution rate for every hour short of 144. The current contribution rate is $13.00/hour.

Members who participate in the Health Benefit Plan and are Actively Working, on the Layoff Sick or Travel List are eligible for a Life Insurance Policy at a graduated scale of $20,000 – $50,000 depending on the years of Master Plan Coverage.  Additionally, if you are covered by Local 103 Retiree Health Plan, you may be eligible for a lump sum Death Benefit. To determine your eligibility for either of these, please contact the Trust Funds office.

To be eligible to retire with Health insurance through Local 103 Health Benefit Plan, members need to have been continuously covered under the Master Plan for the last 15 years with a minimum of 15,000 hours in employment. For more information on retiring with Health insurance, please contact the Eligibility Department at the Trust Funds office.


The Pension Plan runs on a fiscal year from November 1st through October 31st.

Members become vested in the Pension Plan after earning 5 Eligibility Credits.

A good pension year is considered 1,400 hours.

Yes members can borrow hours from other pension years but they must have at least 200 worked hours in a plan year.

As of November 1, 2017 the Pension Multiplier is $120.00 per year of service. The multiplier has increase on November 1, 2018 to $121.00

Health Plan

1. For those Participants covered by the Master Plan & Normal Retiree Plan, claims are paid at 80%, paid as out-of-network claims.  You will be responsible for the remaining 20%.

2.  For those Participants on Medicare and covered by the Supplemental Plan, claims are not covered.

In most cases a co-pay is required of $200.00 specifically if the service is performed in a hospital setting or the location/equipment is affiliated with a hospital.  There are also free-standing facilities which the Plan would not require a co-pay.  A list of potential facilities in MA can be found HERE.  Please note this list is subject to change without notice therefore it your responsibility to contact the facility or the Trust Funds Office to confirm the co-pay amount.  For a list of out-of-state free-standing facilities please contact the Trust Funds Office at (617) 288-5999 and request to speak with the Claims department.

Local 103 I.B.E.W Health Benefit Plan has been amended to utilize Delta Dental’s networks effective January 1, 2017. For more information, please call the Trust Funds Office at (617) 288-5999.

Participants can search their specific dentist on Delta Dental’s website at www.deltadentalma.com/hix-find-a-dentist to confirm if their dentist is part of Delta Dental’s network.

Yes, as of January 1, 2019, you will be able to fill a 90 day supply at any CVS Pharmacy. (This service is only available at CVS).

Medicare participants are responsible for only $200.00 of their Part A deductible each time it is assessed by Medicare and the total amount of their Part B deductible each year.

Participants may choose their vision provider. Local 103 Health Benefit Plan allows $150.00 for hardware and $60.00 for routine eye exam every 2 years.  Local 103 Health Benefit Plan offers network coverage through Davis Vision.