New Health Plan Benefits Announcement

The Local 103 Health Benefit Plan is pleased to announce two new benefits effective April 1, 2023.

First, we have partnered with Progyny to provide coverage for fertility services for active Participants or their Spouses. Progyny is an established leader in this area and will handle all aspects of this important benefit. Participants can go to or call (866) 946-0573 for more information.

The Plan will also begin providing additional Maternity and Paternity benefits by supplementing the payments provided under Massachusetts Paid Family Leave (MAPFML), or similar, for eligible Participants. This supplement will be the difference between the MAPFML weekly amount and the Participant’s most recent contractual rate at 40 hours per week. This benefit will be administered by the Trust Funds Office.

The supplement will be paid weekly via ACH (no paper checks). Participants can contact the Trust Funds Office with questions or to get an application. Please note the application will require the MAPFML approval paperwork as well as the Participant’s most recent paystub and a completed W-4 Form. Please contact the Trust Funds Office with questions.